Jesus Christ calls His followers to serve others. We attempt to honor that calling by serving in the church, in the Lilburn community, in the greater Atlanta area, and in distant spots around the globe where we have opportunity. We sponsor or participate in the following specific outreach activities.


The Lilburn Co-op coordinates the resources and volunteers of local churches to serve needy families in Lilburn, Stone Mountain, and parts of Tucker with food, clothing, school supplies, job searches, and advice. We donate regularly to Lily's Cloak Thrift Store and plan special events for church volunteers to engage personally in serving those in need. During the month of March, we are collecting peanut butter, shampoo, toilet paper, cereal, hamburger helper and the following canned goods: peas, chicken, tuna, stew, mixed vegetables, gravy, broth, pork & beans.

Food Bank @ Nancy Creek Primitive Baptist Church

Camp Creek Church donates and occasionally assists with the charitable food bank led by Elder Royce Beal, pastor of Nancy Creek Church.

Pastor John and Pastor Coy with Pastor Royce at Nancy Creek
Pastor Royce with Camp Creek Pastors Coy & John

Thanksgiving Bags

On Sunday November 13, 2022, we plan to assemble nonperishable items for Lilburn Coop families so that they can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. Click here to sign up to bring items to fill our Thanksgiving bags or donate turkey and/or hams on 11/20/22 to help Omega Support Center feed 550 people from the Tucker area.

Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan’s Purse

November 13 - December 4, 2022, we will collect items for Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan's Purse. If you would like to participate, please sign up here. We will once again pack boxes together as a church on Sunday, December 4.  

Evangelism in Africa

Primitive Baptist churches have been planted in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. Camp Creek Church supports these churches with prayer and contributions. Elder Adam Kinsaul is plans medical mission trips to Africa. Please contact him if you would like to go at some point in the future when travel is once again possible.

Elder Martin Onyoni Baptizes his son Felix
New Assembly Tent for Kiorina Primitive Baptist Church